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St. Philip the Apostle Church, in a collaborative effort with parishioners and parents of children with special needs, has designed a program suited to fit the unique religious needs of this special population. Students meet on Sundays. Time depends on the sacrament the student is working on. Please call for additional imformation.
Modifications and accommodations will be made for students that are preparing for their Holy Sacraments. Our dedicated staff will strive to teach, inspire and encourage children with special needs by  using a comprehensive multi-sensory hands-on approach.



You can download a registration form at or call to have one sent to you

Our Approach
When working with special needs children it is important to incorporate lessons addressed for all types of learners: audio, visual, kinesthetic. Our lessons are clear and concise. We will use frequent verbal praise  we to encourage learning. We will always emphasize abilities and not DIS-abilities. We will use hands on activities that reinforce the lesson and incorporate all senses. Our lessons will  reach visual, auditory and tactile learners.  Songs will be used to summarize and reinforce lessons.


Contact Person

Monica Maniscalco, M.Ed

Director God's Special Children

Religious Education

for Children with Special Needs


Please feel free to call or text if you have any questions or concerns - 917-992-7904

The program has started on September 11, 2016 but is still accepting registrations and is open to Non-Residents of Saddle Brook.

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